Building the future of fintech

Our passion is to help businesses avoid some of the challenges that they face when managing their finances through a traditional bank. With Plooto, we’re changing the way businesses manage their finances.

Our Story

When we were running our previous company, we noticed there were no financial tools to help small and medium sized businesses run smoothly. If you weren’t a big corporation, you were largely ignored by the banks.

What this meant was that we spent more time paying bills, collecting invoices and running to the bank than chasing our passion. This felt wrong. We knew there had to be a better way of doing things. So, our passion became helping businesses avoid some of the challenges that our business had originally faced.

This was the birth of Plooto.

Want to help us build the future?

We’re always looking for talented people who want to help us empower small businesses and shape the future of global fintech. Check out some of the roles we’re currently looking to fill.

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